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Consumers' Rights & Product Liability

Consumers' Rights

When companies use fraudulent or deceptive practices to take advantage of consumers, they unfairly profit while their customers pay the price. Fortunately, there are remedies under federal and state consumer protection laws to hold these companies accountable and to stop consumer fraud from continuing in the future.

Consumer fraud occurs in virtually every industry. To combat fraud and protect consumers, federal and state consumer protection laws provide consumers rights and remedies for recovering damages suffered as a result of a merchandiser’s misrepresentations or failure to disclose defects.

Fraudulent practices can range from breach of warranty and failure to disclose, to false or deceptive advertising and bait and switch campaigns.

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The attorneys at Davis George can help you hold companies accountable for a variety of fraudulent practices, including:

  • Sale of Defective Products
  • Services Paid For But Not Rendered
  • Bait-and-switch Fraud
  • Loan Fraud
  • False or Deceptive Advertising