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Sexual Harassment Attorney In Kansas City

You have the right to a workplace that is free from sexual harassment and intimidation. Such behavior is strictly prohibited by state and federal laws. Unfortunately, some employers don’t follow those laws and fail to protect their employees. The lawyers at Davis George have handled hundreds of employment cases. If you or a loved one are being victimized at work, contact us immediately to protect your rights. Don’t be a victim any longer! Call Davis George – your Sexual Harassment Attorney in Kansas City!

Davis George LLC Obtains $400,000 Pre-suit Settlement In Sexual Harassment Case

Sexual Comments, Advances, And Touching Are Unlawful

You are nobody’s “work wife”. When unwanted sexual comments or advances escalate, despite your protest, and your employer does nothing to remedy the situation, this is sexual harassment. Often times, it is your boss or someone else in a position of authority who decides to abuse their “power” and make inappropriate demands. After-hours meetings, out-of-town trips, closed-door meetings, phone calls and texting are all opportunities for your harasser to cross the line. If that happens to you, Davis George LLC is your first phone call. We know how to help you through this difficult situation while protecting your career and reputation in the process.

“Brett, Tracey, & Ben,

To say I appreciate you would be inadequate. You believed in me & invested your time in me. You helped get me out of a horrible situation, all the while helping me protect what matters most to me – my family. Your compassion, fire & honesty were critical. You are incredible people – thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless.”

What Is Sexual Harassment?


-Repeated sexual advances and demands for sexual contact
-Unwanted physical touching of any type
-Sexually inappropriate comments or jokes to you or others
-Requesting sexual favors in exchange for job opportunities
-Sexually explicit emails, texts and memos
-Unfair treatment because of gender
-Retaliation for refusing to engage in sexual activity or reporting harassment

GET HELP NOW. It is important to immediately get legal counsel to assist you in pursuing sexual harassment claims. These cases can have very short statutes of limitation and complicated administrative deadlines with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other government agencies. Failing to act promptly within those deadlines can result in forever losing your rights to pursue your claims. It is also important to follow your employer’s internal policies for reporting sexual harassment. We will guide you through this difficult process and protect your rights with compassion and zealous advocacy. Your employer will likely have an attorney, and you need one, too. If you need any Sexual Harassment Attorney In Kansas City call us today!